Saturday, April 4, 2020


Due to the recent Covid-19 situation, the government of Malaysia has prepared a financial assistance stimulus package to help ease the financial burden faced by fellow Malaysians.

RM 10 billion has been allocated for this BANTUAN PRIHATIN NASIONAL (BPN).


Qualified Malaysian will be entitled to receive a sum of money.
Depending on the monthly income category, the received can get a sum of money between RM500 to RM1600.

The payment from BPN will be made in 2 phases

Phase 1: April 2020
Phase 2: May 2020

This is a one-off payment.

Here is the summary of the criteria:

Below will be the total payment to be received:

Total expected recipients are as below:

1) Households earning RM4,000 and below - Up to 4 million households
2) Households earning RM4,001 – RM8,000 - Up to 1.1 million households
3) Single individuals aged 21 years and above earning RM2,000 and below - Up to 3 million individuals
4) Single individuals aged 21 years and above earning RM2,001 to RM4,000 - Up to 400,000 individuals

You can check your status in the links below starting 1 April 2020:

1) Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia, 
2) Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH),
3) Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia,

How do you get the payment?

Eligible recipients will get the money directly into their accounts.

Final Note:

Based on this table, we can see that this is aimed to help the B40 and M40 group.

We hope that this fund will be able to lighten the financial burden and worries of the target group.

If you are qualified, we do suggest that you make a plan on how to spend the extra money on hand.

Make a budget and do not simply buy anything.

Also, watch out for any scam related to the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional aid payments.

Never give away any personal info or make payment to any suspicious or unauthorized parties.

Be safe, be clean and stay healthy always! 😉

Summary of the BPN is as below's Makcik Kiah's analogy infographic:

Details of the Bantuan Prihatin National (BPN) can be assessed here:


Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Big Picture of Bear Market - How to Invest during this Covid-19 Situation

Do Not Panic

Is there still hope for the recent sell-off because of this Covid-19 issue?

If we look back at historical data of the stock market crisis, all the time, after the sell-off, the months after that, the market will rebound again.

So as long term investors, we have really need to stay calm and have a forward-thinking strategy.

Do not panic and in fact, take the opportunity to add good quality stock to your portfolio in stages.

Do dollar-cost averaging.

Hope is in the future

In times like these, it’s also important for investors to take a step back and remember how the stock market works.

Investors get long stretches of gains when the market trends higher (approximately +400% in this most recent bull run), and then from time to time, we experience clusters of scary downside volatility and bear markets when 20+% is quickly wiped out.

(***4)But then when the crisis fades and fears abate, the next twelve months consistently delivers a strong comeback:

The top 10 worst bear markets (using the Dow) following the Great Depression shows that it declines on average by -39.27%. And it lasts on average of 16.9 months.

The biggest bear market in that study was the last one (10/2007-3/2009) during the housing/financial crisis. It was dubbed the Great Recession and the market plunged by -54.43%.

But the rallies that followed have been even bigger. Within a year after a bear market, stocks surge on average of 44.74%. And go on to gain on average 66.34% by year 3.

BTW, following the Great Recession, the market gained 63.40% in year 1; 100.58% by year 3; 153.58% by year 5; and more than 357% during the entire 11+ year bull market.)

Key Takeaway

  • Always stay calm and do not panic.
  • Have a long term view of the market.
  • The historical data can guide us to make better decision in our investment that can benefits us in thelong run.
  • Most of the bear market will eventually ends, and market will bounce back higher after that.
  • Up and down in the market are normal and will surely happen. We need to have a balance outlook.

Final note, please duduk rumah diam diam,

or diam selama-lamanya.

Note: The above data is sent to me by Zacks Investment Management through their EDM.

Happy Investing! 😉

[LATEST] KLSE Stock Best Dividend (UPDATED 20 MARCH 2020)

Everyone is under panic now.

Because of the recent escalation of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, the stock has been reacting negatively so far.

As of the time of writing, Malaysia has recorded:

Death:           8
Total Cases: 1183

But for smart investors, we should stay calm, assess the situation and make a decision that will benefit us in the long term.

Do not ever buy or sell with your emotions.

With many stocks under pressure selling right now, we need to be careful not to follow the crowd.

What we need to do is to select the best companies (stocks) and buy in stages.

With the share prices going lower and lower, there are many stocks in bargains now.

I have compiled all the KLSE blue chips stocks and look at the dividend yield and some fundamental evaluations as well.

With the recent OPR cut, and expecting another rate cut in the coming months, the FD rate is at all-time low. Averagely is it about 3.0% for 12 months tenure now.

So investors may need to add some other investment that can possibly give higher dividend.

Below is the list of the stocks:

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceMarket CapDiv YieldPrice/Book
4197.KLSime Darby Berhad1.7110.819B14.45%0.32
1155.KLMalayan Banking Berhad7.5175.166B7.63%1.18
6888.KLAxiata Group Berhad3.228.235B6.45%1.22
1015.KLAMMB Holdings Berhad3.039.094B5.29%0.6
6947.KLDiGi.Com Berhad4.1732.422B5.19%60.43
1023.KLCIMB Group Holdings Berhad3.6431.773B4.46%0.76
1295.KLPublic Bank Berhad14.0454.215B4.42%1.74
6012.KLMaxis Berhad5.239.053B4.27%9.06
6033.KLPetronas Gas Bhd15.6831.027B4.11%2.67
4715.KLGenting Malaysia Berhad1.9711.168B3.72%0.62
3034.KLHap Seng Consolidated Berhad7.518.156B3.42%3.73
5819.KLHong Leong Bank Berhad12.526.083B3.42%1.14
1082.KLHong Leong Financial Group Berhad12.414.201B3.34%0.94
5681.KLPetronas Dagangan Bhd2019.869B2.99%4.01
1066.KLRHB Capital Berhad4.9715.281B2.80%0.66
8869.KLPress Metal Bhd3.254.227B2.63%1.95
5347.KLTenaga Nasional Berhad12.0267.836B2.56%1.37
2445.KLKuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad18.6419.851B2.50%2.02
1961.KLIOI Corp.Bhd3.6823.141B2.25%4.43
5014.KLMalaysia Airports Holdings Bhd4.777.914B2.09%0.91
7113.KLTop Glove Corporation Berhad6.277.854B2.05%4.48
4707.KLNestlé (Malaysia) Berhad13531.658B1.75%37.54
4065.KLPPB Group Berhad16.1419.134B1.56%1.02
3182.KLGenting Berhad3.3612.512B1.20%0.41
7277.KLDialog Group Berhad3.0315.956B0.76%6.78
5225.KLIHH Healthcare Berhad5.1742.557B0.58%1.98
5168.KLHartalega Holdings Berhad6.6210.864B0.32%7.23

With so many stocks with good dividends, it is time to slowly add some to your portfolio.

Of course, always do your own research in terms of profits, management, future growth, economy of moat, PE, P/B and risk before you start to add anything.

E.g. We can see that some companies are still expensive in terms of Price/Book value.
Digi has a crazy P/B at 60.43. Too expensive for a telco company.

Maybank, Hong Leong, Axiata, Ambank look attractive.

If Public Bank hits 5%, it is a very good time to add.

Also always note that high dividend yield doesn't necessarily mean it is a good choice.

The criteria that I mentioned earlier plays an important role as well.

E.g. If the profits have been decreasing for the 4 quarters, it means that the business is not doing quite well. So the share price can continue to go lower.

This may not be as good as an overall gain.

Finally, also select stocks that have high quality in terms of fundamentals.

Dividend yield needs to be sustainable, so we always want to select companies that are profitable consistently. Refer to the financial report for more details before making any decision.

Cash is king today, so invest wisely.

Final note, please duduk rumah diam diam,
or diam selama-lamanya.

Happy Investing! 😉



Due to the recent Covid-19 situation, the government of Malaysia has prepared a financial assistance stimulus package to help ease the finan...